The Shinje Drekjom Tordok Dispelling Obstacles Drubchö

At the end of each lunar year, Mindrolling Monastery performs the seven-day Yamantaka Shinje Drekjom drubchö, a terma discovered by the Great Terton Chögyal Terdag Lingpa. This practice is done to dispel obstacles that might arise in the coming year and takes place from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month to the last day of the lunar year.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic this past year, this profoundly blessed drubchö continued at Mindrolling Monastery despite many restrictions in place.  The drubchö began on the 4th of February 2021 and concluded on February 11th, 2021 with the traditional ritual dances, or cham, and the ritual of dispelling obstacles.

In light of the immense suffering brought by the pandemic this past year and the continued difficulties that still lie ahead for the entire world, it is of great benefit to all sentient beings that this profound practice has been performed. The entire worldwide Mindrolling community rejoices at the completion of such a profound practice and we all join in the sincere aspiration that, through the power of this drubchö, all obstacles facing the world in the year ahead will be dispelled. Through the wisdom, compassion and power of the great Yamantaka, may the world be free of obstacles and may all enjoy the accomplishment of dharma, good health, peace, happiness, and prosperity.

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