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The administrative offices of Mindrolling International are located at Samten Tse Retreat Centre, India and Mindrolling Lotus Garden, Virginia, United States. Different responsibilities of the organization are managed by staff at each location under the direction of Her Eminence Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Jetsün Dechen Paldrön.

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This includes inquiries about charitable activities, inquiries for duplication of Dharmashri materials, copyright issues, press/media inquiries and so forth.

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These include requests for Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche to teach and other personal requests to Rinpoche.

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These include general and MLG temple donations, charitable donations, prayer requests, feast offerings, program tuition and so forth.

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Includes web bugs, bad links, other technical issues. Questions about photos or video.

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Mindrolling International
108 Bodhi Way
Stanley, VA 22851
Tel: 1-540-778-2405

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