Mission of Mindrolling Charitable Society

Purpose of MCS

  • Support charitable projects that aim to improve the living conditions of populations based in India, Tibet and other Himalayan regions.
  • Provide for people’s needs in terms of education, medical care, and other essential care.
  • Promote social values of equality and brotherhood by helping the integration and empowerment of the most vulnerable members of the communities.

Its Means of Action

  • Help building schools, free health centers, education centers and monasteries.
  • Encourage doctors’ visits, hold medical camps.
  • Provide medicine and sponsor medical treatment for those who cannot afford expensive and prolonged treatment for cancer, dialysis and tuberculosis etc.
  • Send money to the existing medical clinics and hospitals to help them provide services and purchase equipment.
  • Promote individual or collective sponsorship actions.
  • Use appropriate means to inform and heighten public awareness.

Financial Resources

The entire range of charitable projects depends on donations made to MCS.

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