Vajra Vidyadhara Project

Chögyal Terdag Lingpa

Chögyal Terdag Lingpa as depicted in a mural

The Vajra Vidyadhara Project under the direction of Mindrolling International is named after the great dharma master and founder of the Mindrolling lineage, Rigzin Terdag Lingpa.

The objective of the activities under this project focus on serving the buddhadharma in both the east and west. The Vajra Vidyadhara Project has been sponsoring some of the most profound and precious transmissions of Tibetan Buddhism including the very precious Rinchen Terdzöd.

It is also under this project that the branch centres of the Mindrolling lineage are directed. The centres serve as the base for the growth and flourishing of the Nyingma lineage in general and the Mindrolling lineage in particular.

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