Ongoing Projects

The Samten Tse Charitable Society was created in 1993 with the goal to carry out and support numerous activities and charitable projects under the direction of Her Eminence Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche. Samten Tse Charitable projects consist of:

Vajra Vidyadhara Projects

The Vajra Vidyadhara Projects are dedicated to the great master Chogyal Terdag Lingpa. The objective of these projects is to focus on the support and preservation of the Buddha Dharma in both the east and west. Sponsoring of important and rare transmissions of profound teachings is one of its most important objectives. Vajra Vidyadhara’s contribution towards the above projects is well known and appreciated throughout the buddhist world.

The Shri Dharma Sagara Projects

The Shri Dharma Sagara Projects are dedicated to the great Lochen Dharmashri. It focuses on maintaining, constructing, restoring temples, monasteries, stupas, traditional buddhist artwork and texts. Under the Shri Dharma Sagara projects, many monasteries and communities have received invaluable support that allows them to have better temples, living quarters, libraries and modern teaching equipment such as computers.

Many monks and nuns have received sponsorship for retreats and capable students have received sponsorship for school and college education.

The Shri Dipam Projects

The Shri Dipam Projects are dedicated to Jetsün Migyur Paldrön, one of the greatest female masters within the Mindrolling lineage and of all of Tibetan Buddhism. The activities under the direction of Shri Dipam Projects are aimed towards the development of community and the preservation of the Tibetan culture. Under these works, efforts have been made to work with women’s associations in the strengthening and growth of various communities of Tibetans settled in exile. The Shri Dipam Project has also funded the development of much needed infrastructure in communities and settlements where basic necessities such as water and shelter are lacking.

The Ayujnana Projects

The Ayujnana Projects are directed towards the development of medical care and sponsorship of education. The activities under this project have been able to provide funding for the building of medical clinics and to help provide better medical equipment for local clinics and dispensaries. The Ayujnana Project also oversees the funding of education for a group of selected and qualified students throughout their educational career.

Samten Tse Charitable Society is registered as a private non-profit organization in 5 countries: India, USA, France, Greece, Germany and Poland.  It is managed by Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, Jetsün Dechen Paldrön and a Board of Directors in the respective countries in which it operates.
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