Samten Tse Germany

Samten Tse Germany, founded in 2008 as a German branch of Mindrolling Charitable Society and Mindrolling International is based in Bremen. Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche has been teaching in Bremen regularly for many years, and having been repeatedly supplicated by her German students, Rinpoche agreed to establish Samten Tse Germany. Subsequently a house was found in Bremen as a basis for the Samten Tse centre. The centre functions both as a study group as well as a basis for the sangha to practice together and organize retreats. The group is also responsible for organizing Rinpoche’s teachings in Bremen, in particular the cycle of teachings of Minling Dorsem, which Rinpoche started bestowing in the spring of 2008. Furthermore, Rinpoche has appointed Anila Damtshö as the resident lama of Samten Tse Bremen and she holds regular hours of practice and study for the sangha as well as teaching numerous classes throughout the year.

Ani Damtshö Biography

Ani Damtshö is a senior practitioner and long term student of Buddhism. Besides the traditional 3 years retreat under the guidance of Ven. Lama Gendün Rinpoche in France she has completed various other shorter retreats. For 15 years Ani Damtshö was working as the translator of the late Ven. Lama Khenpo Thupten at the Institute Karmapa in France and has been a student and secretary of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche for many years as well as being a member of the Dharmashri Foundation.

Contact Information

Samten Tse Germany
Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Samten Tse e.V.
August Bebel-Allee 160
28329 Bremen
Tel: +49 4217082406

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