Samten Tse Association – France

Samten Tse Associaion—France

Some members of  Association Samten Tse – France

The Association Samten Tse – France, created in 2005 is under the leadership of Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and managed by a Board of Directors. The purpose of the Association is to support the charitable projects of Mindrolling International that aim to improve the living conditions of populations based in India, Tibet and other Himalayan regions. The Association Samten Tse – France strives to generate funds to support the elderly and also to care for the greater population’s needs in terms of education, medical care and other essential care while also promoting social values of equality and brotherhood by helping the integration of the most vulnerable members of these communities. It also supports activities and organizations that encourage cultural and religious preservation projects in the local communities.

Activities of the Association include fund raising for Mindrolling International charitable projects and communication with the different French dharma centres, which host the programs of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche in France, as well as with individual sangha members. The Association is also responsible for recording of teachings, archiving, transcribing and distribution of tapes, CD’s, transcripts, photos, videos, etc. as well as organization of public talks, media interviews, website creation and maintenance.

Contact Information

Samten Tse Association – France
44 Rue Rabelais
Sartrouville 78500, France
Tel: (+33)1-39-57-43-85

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