Mindrolling Monastery News – July, 2021

Telda Tsechu

June 20th, 2021 was the 10th lunar day of the 5th lunar month, known as the Telda Tsechu.  This day marks the miraculous arising of Guru Rinpoche from the lotus blossom for the benefit the beings of this world.  To mark the anniversary of this most auspicious occasion, the monks of Mindrolling Monastery and the nuns of Samten Tse Retreat Center made vast offerings and dedicated prayers for the benefit of all beings and in particular to dispel obstacles facing the world and to ease the suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As India faced incredible challenges during the most recent wave of COVID-19, the administration team of Mindrolling Monastery worked tirelessly to protect the safety of the monks and the lay community.  Facing such a crisis with shortages of so many needed supplies, the team did widespread testing, treated all those who tested positive and contained the spread of the virus using quarantines and contact tracing.  After weeks of hard work, the spread of the virus within the Clement Town Tibetan Colony was contained and the safety of those in the colony has been successfully secured.  Once the situation was controlled and the safety of the community had been secured, Mindrolling Monastery organized a huge vaccination effort to get the entire monastic community of Mindrolling and the Tibetan colony vaccinated.  The clinic took place in the Guru Rinpoche shrine room of the stupa at Mindrolling Monastery.

Passing of Ven. Gelong Ngawang Lodro la

Mindrolling mourns the passing of Ven. Gelong Ngawang Lodro la, a monk of Mindrolling who was in lifetime retreat.  Gelong-la had taken on the commitment to accomplish 100 million recitations of the Seven Line Supplication and Guru Yoga practice in his retreat. 

Gelong-la was one of the greatest artists of traditional Buddhist art in the world today, an exemplary practitioner and a wonderful example of perfect ethics.  Renowned as one of the finest artists in today’s times, Gelong Ngawang la’s artwork graces most major Nyingma monasteries and many felt the immense loss of this incredible monk and teacher.

Resuming Classes

After successfully overcoming the wave of COVID-19 cases and vaccinating the communities of monks and nuns, Mindrolling Monastery has resumed all annual activities of study and practice, including all the drubchös and drubchens.

New Mindrolling Monastery Administration Team

The new administration team for 2021-2022 has been appointed and the team met with Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche to receive advice and guidance for the coming year.  The team has now begun work to manage and maintain the monastery for the coming year.

Annual Examination Results for 2021

The results are in for the Mindrolling monks’ annual examinations.  The results were announced and certificates of merit were awarded to monks who achieved outstanding results.