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Mindrolling Monastery Calendar


27 February Losar–Tibetan New Year
01 March Anniversary of His Holiness Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen
06 March Commencement of 7-day Thukje Chenpo Drubchen Marking the Parinirvana of Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen
12 March Chotrul Düchen–Occasion of Great Miracles
21 March Commencement of 10-day Kagyed Drubchen
29 March Anniversary of Terdag Lingpa
06 April The Great Tse Chu Ceremony and Ritual Dances
29 May Commencement of 7–day Vajrasattva Drubcho
02 June Newly admitted monks join the monastery
09 June Saga Dawa–Day of Buddha Shakyamuni’s Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana
23 June Anniversary of Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche
24 June Anniversary of Khenchen Ngawang Khyentse Norbu
01 July Commencement of 3-day Tel-da Tse Chu Ceremony
06 July Birthday of H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama
09 July Dzam Ling Chi Sang – Universal Prayer Day
27 July Celebration of the Buddha’s First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma
07 August Commencement of the 45-day Yarne Retreat
15 August Independence Day of India
02 September Tibet Democracy Day
15 September Commencement of 3-day Drubcho of the Dharmapalas
01 November Sacred Ritual Dance of Tsa Cham
05 November Commencement of 7-day Ka Ma’i Tshogchen Düpa Drupchö
10 November Lha Bab Dü Chen–Day of Buddha’s Descent from Devaloka Commemoration of the Inauguration day of the World Peace Stupa
24 November Commencement of 5-day Drubchö of the Three Great Protectors Gyalpo, Lha and Tsan
28 November Founder’s Day of the Mindrolling Shedra–Do Gyüd Lekshe Ling
10 December Lama Commemoration day of the Nobel Peace Prize to H.H. the 14th Dalai
14 December Commencement of 3-day Vajrakilaya Tordok
20 December Commencement of 3-day Guru Drakpo Tordok
20 December Anniversary of Minling Chung Rinpoche
24-25 December Ngenpa Gu Dzom: Nine Bad Omens occurring together
01 January New Year 2018
06 January 53rd Founder’s Day of Mindrolling Monastery in India
09 January Commencement of 7-day Kagyed Throrol Drubchö
17 January Commencement of the 29th 10-day Great Nyingma Monlam at Bodh Gaya
26 January Republic Day of India
03 February Anniversary of the Omniscient Longchen Rabjam
08 February Commencement of 7-day Yamantaka Tordok

Posted: 10 February 2017

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