The History of Mindrolling: Part XVIII

The 6th Khenchen of Mindrolling — Rigzin Zangpo

The 6th holder of the victorious banner of the Vinaya lineage of Mindrolling was Minling Khenchen Zangpo. He was known to have been a wonderful teacher, extremely learned and endowed with many good qualities.

According to the biographical accounts of the lineage of Khenchens compiled by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, although it is not clear to whom Khenchen Rigzin Zangpo was born, it is however documented that he was born within the Nyö Lineage. According to some other sources, Khenchen Rigzin Zangpo was said to have been born within the family lineage of Ratna Lingpa.

According to the catalogue of Mindrolling history ngo tshar shel gyi adarsha, it is written that Khenchen Rigzin Zangpo was born as the son of the 6th Mindrolling Trichen Gyurme Pema Wangyal.

He studied with many learned teachers of his time and displayed many wondrous qualities which helped strengthen the foundation of Buddhadharma in general and the Mindrolling lineage in particular. Khenchen Zangpo received his ordination from the renowned Khenchen Ogyen Tenzin at the age of twenty-one and went on to become a living example of the perfect Vinaya tradition. He dedicated his entire life to the preservation and flourishing of the Vinaya tradition and thus became one of the most respected and venerated masters of his generation.

When the great renowned master Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo turned 21 years of age, he received his ordination from Minling Khenchen Rigzin Zangpo.

Minling Khenchen Rigzin Zangpo's wisdom was said to be like a vase overflowing with nectar and a multitude of fortunate beings benefitted from his amrita-like teachings and example.