Projects for 2015-16

Mindrolling Renovation

Mindrolling Monastery in India is renowned throughout the dharma world today as the lineage and monastery dedicated completely to dharma activities, and as a main center for maintaining the precious secret Vajrayana doctrine. Its buildings, shrine rooms and libraries contain the great treasures of Mindrolling —including precious and original teachings, thangkas and murals—and provide housing for hundreds of monks who devote themselves entirely to the practice and study of dharma.

Extensive renovations and reconstruction have been ongoing at Mindrolling to repair damage caused by earthquakes and excessive rain over many years.

This renovation project was made possible through concerted fund-raising efforts and includes a complete restoration of the Great Stupa of World Peace and the front and back façade of the main monastery, renovation of all monks living quarters including new doors and windows, electrical updates, reconstruction of an effective septic and plumbing system, repairs of all the flooring in each building, and the creation of additional housing for Mindrolling’s ever-increasing number of monks.

The next phase will include repairs of a large section of the roof of the main monastery and further renovation of the monks rooms in the temple that continue to sustain water damage from excessive rainfall during each monsoon season.

Mindrolling Monastery renovation

View of the renovation of a monastery building.

Mindrolling Monastery renovation

Mindrolling Monastery renovation continues

Additional Classrooms for Mindrolling Monastery’s Young Monks

Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS) has begun a new project to assist with the building of additional classrooms for Mindrolling Monastery’s school for young monks.

190 monks at various stages in their education currently have only three classrooms. These bright young monks need adequate rooms to avoid the bad weather and other complications that arise from holding classes in outdoor areas. A modern computer classroom is also much needed. This important expansion requires the addition of a third floor to the existing two-story school.

Existing monks school comprised of both classrooms and dormitories.

Existing monks school comprised of both classrooms and dormitories.

Monks in classroom

Due to limited classroom capacity, monks of various ages and and different stages in their education have to share classrooms .

Plan for classroom at monks school

Plans for the additional floor of the monk’s school

Plans for additional floor of monk's school

Plans for additional floor of monk’s school

Mindrolling Campus Medical Clinic Expansion

The medical clinic on the Mindrolling Monastery campus serves Mindrolling’s 400 monks and hundreds of community members from the surrounding Tibetan colony. Unfortunately, this clinic is woefully small and can only accommodate outpatient services. This makes it difficult to control and contain infectious diseases or provide long-term medical assistance to those who are chronically or seriously ill. As a result, monks who fall ill often have to go home to their families for proper care.

Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS) aspires to enable expansion of the medical clinic, creating new rooms and facilities to provide proper, modern care and in-patient services.

Mindrolling medical clinic

The Mindrolling campus medical clinic

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